Monday, June 16, 2008

At Long Last...

I hit the ground running upon returning home from Bead and Button and haven't looked up since! My time in Milwaukee was great, classes good, show good, friends and students good. All in all a very positive experience with the exception that I was having difficulty sleeping which is the quickest route to nuts that I know. The first couple of nights home I had the same trouble, seems to be fixed now...

I have been busy with the project shown here. These hanging pieces will go to Kobe, Japan to be included in an exhibit at the Glass Museum there, I'm also involved in preparation for a seven woman exhibition at The Sandwich Glass Museum entitled "Possibilities", I said this before but want to remind you out there that I will be demonstrating in Sandwich on July 1&2 and I would love to see you!

I have been having a lot of fun in the studio and feel like I have gotten plenty accomplished, always more to do. I am in preparation for Convergence in Tampa next week.

Lily, our youngest, will have a birthday later this week and has invited 10 girls for an overnight, eeeek. Glad that they have the upper part of the studio building to enjoy themselves in.


meesh said...

gail these are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How beautifully they came out, Gail, I absolutely love them.


Patricia said...

AWESOME, seriously wow!
Love the colors. Love that they
have movement.

Anne E. Mitchell said...

You are my hero!
These are beautiful lass!