Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumning around.....

I was headed out to the studio early this morning to take pictures and was struck at the angle of the sun and the color all around me. 'Decided to take a walk on an abandoned road where I took this picture, it is perfection outside, the smell, the temperature, the color, the sound.

Shortly I will take a trip up to The Putney School where my youngest daughter has been since the first of September. We'll meet with her teachers and get a more complete taste of her experiences than we can get through email and phone calls, this 'Harvest Festival' goes on through the weekend and then we will bring her home for a few days, I am so excited!

All is well here, I don't have any long trips planned for a few weeks, Oakland, CA is the next big junket out. I will be teaching a feltmaking class, a light blossom bracelet class and faux enameling on metals.B.A.B.E. is where it is at! Come on over and take a class, it is sure to be fun! I love the bay area and the Marriot is one of my favorite hotels, the view from the high floors is unsurpassed!

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