Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the dockyard

Funny how challenging some things can be and how 'Murphy' is world renowned. I finally got access to a wireless mode of communication and my 'universal' adapter wasn't!
walked 4 miles in search of an adapter that might suit my needs, and arrived at the store 3 minutes after the store closed. Had a brainstorm, walked a ways in another direction, stopped into a Ramada and asked if anyone had left behind an American to English adapter, 'no......but try this' said the gal so I was able to piggy back a couple and finally got some badly needed power for all of the things that I have become reliant upon.

I am staying in the most incredible Bed and Breakfast in the officers quarters of the Chatham Dockyards, the scale of which is so impressive, built in 1720, this part anyway. This picture of Sam Elliot gives you an idea of the scale of parts of the buildings, large enough to accommodate huge ships. It has been in a 'museum mode' since 1984 when the Royal Navy turned it loose. Parts of the film 'The Golden Compass' were filmed here, the really impressively beautiful ones on the docks.

My trip has been fabulous. Today is my last day of teaching here at Creative Glass, UK. I head to the Isle of Man tomorrow morning to visit my great pal Julie Denton, spring is in full swing here and the weather is lovely! More later.

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