Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Totally wiped....

After trying several times to post a pictoral link to Kate Mckinnon's huge soul clearing/smallerizing/simplicity promoting web sale, I just guess you need to hop on over for yourself and see what she is parting with! It will be added to for several days and promises to include treasure aplenty.

I am in a full blown 'used up' place. Trying to regroup, recharge and forge on. I start this process with an early morning dental appointment.

A week from today I will drive to Pennsylvania where Beadfest Philadelphia will take place. I will be teaching a Coloring Metals class and my favorite, The Embellished Brooch class. These both take place on Thursday the 20th and then the show goes Fri., Sat. and Sunday, I would love to see you there!

Here we are, mid August and summer has finally hit. I have worn my wool socks almost all summer long.

This picture offers a taste of some possible 'Embellished Brooches' including housing for them.

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