Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm off......

The time has finally come. Today is the final pack job for my trip to Japan.

Last week I had a loss of a most treasured accessory, unquestioningly my favorite scarf. It has traveled with me for 6 years or so, essentially my 'security blanket'. A silk and wool scarf created by Inge Bauer, a German feltmaker extraordinaire.

Yesterday I was possessed to create a version of my own. In this time of anticipation it seemed imperative to have a warm and soft 'comfort object'. In my long hiatus from feltmaking I was pleased to have a new found communication with the fibers, the result was a piece I am pleased with......and of course look forward.....way forward......to the resumption of my time to create more, later.

In the meantime, a junket around Japan, traveling to Tokyo, Kobe and Kyoto. I am armed with a couple of travel guides, figuring I'll have 17 hours of study time once I leave the ground. Ooooh, monkeys and fishmarkets, oh my.

For those who might place orders between now and then. I apologize beforehand that I won't be filling orders until my return, 12/19/09.

I returned Sunday late from a lovely time in south Florida. The guild and its members surely make you feel welcome. I loved my time in Diane's home and the jungle outside, made to think about how much time and effort needs to go into trying to tame nature and fight back the inevitable and rapid growth of vegetation in a tropical climate. It's challenge enough here in currently dormant New England. A giant thank you to all who chose to come and spend some time with me in the three great days that I spent with all of you.

I leave conceding to take my 'real' camera, and trying to channel a zen approach to packing as I have to haul whatever the choices are all over the country. Oh yeah, minimalism.

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