Tuesday, March 9, 2010

here we go....

Here, another gorgeous grouping of 'Meesh Auction' offerings, I know...I know....when? Soon, I promise!Donna Menhart is responsible for this scrumptous string of delightful beads, Kristina Logan, for the adorable orange 'mini'earrings, Barb Switzer, soon to be married maker of the volcanic, wire clasped, beaded bead bracelet, Andrea Guarino, responsible for the winged heart, Stephanie Sersich, for the incredible 'New Earrings for Every Day',and Gail Lannum shares a beautiful Bronze Clay necklace incorporating a Meesh bead. How's that for a lineup?

I am being put to the test regarding computer capabilities....new, everywhere. I have been invited to join Craft Edu as part of the 'faculte', an honor and a challenge but I look forward to learning the skills necessary to share my skills as an educator through this forum. Thanks Donna!

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