Tuesday, July 13, 2010

chaos and calm....

As I prepare for yet another jury gathering (as the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen requires a re-jurying everytime you add a new material to your repertoire) I find myself resenting rules. This is nothing new for me, I like to think that every one will do their best and trust them to do that, probably naive of me. Instead, I need to travel 3 hours each way, present a body of work, and wait for the 'yay' or 'nay'.

I have used this as an opportunity to focus in and consider my motivations for my ever changing need to entertain different materials. This is the third time I have met with the jury; glass, fiber and today I present metal. I bore easily. I am always seeking to use a new material that offers a complementary surface or edge or texture or context that lets me incorporate these many tools to my working vocabulary. My need is to become proficient in any material that calls to me so that I can incorporate it when that particular facet of a design or idea requires it. It is not that I am presenting a new 'body of work', it is the same body of work, just hopefully using a larger 'vocabulary'.

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