Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So much of what I do is 'now'.....

....that follow up often evades me. I am in a most excited and fertile time, ideas screaming as they stream by.  My extended trip to Tucson and then Denver was exceptional. I attribute this to many things~ good friends, warmth on my body, being surrounded by stimulating materials, idea sharing; correcting 'wrong' courses with suggestions on ways to move forward and a good show with promise of continued growth!

Visiting with family, celebrating birthdays, of which my 'baby' celebrated her 21st on the 14th as well as my sister having that same special birthday has made for a celebratory atmosphere as well as trips down memory lane! This has always given Valentine's day a special meaning and to think that this goes back 21 years is astonishing to me, yes, time does fly. In the past I have added 'whether or not you are having fun', luckily I am surrounded by fun, realizing it is a state of mind. My mom, in the lovely blue silk blouse also celebrated a birthday on the 12th, HAPPY BIRTHDAy!

I am considering how to guide the course of the next segment of my life. It is easier, with less challenge and smaller reward to carry on as 'usual'. I am ready to break out, in attitude and action towards a fuller, more enriching series of experiences culminating in a new way of doing business~ we'll see how this shakes out, I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, just back from a well practiced yoga session I am headed out to the studio to embark on this new plan, Michael started a fire so I'll just slip into a toasty studio and revel in the privilege  of having this shelter and tools and space to realize my ideas.

I realize the fleeting nature of an empowered state, my 'job' is to not let go of my momentum and to be thankful for all moments, with hopes of gaining more glimpses at this 'attitude of gratitude'!

Huge thanks go out to my literal family and to the extended family of friends that I am so happy to be a part of! Pictures include a wall piece illustrating the evolution of egg to sperm, a permutation I find entertaining. Pod interpretation in hollow Bullseye glass, a shot of Olive a few years back and an electroformed 'Baby on a Dragon', an image I am trying to take to heart and proceed from, fearlessly, freshly, a self portrait?

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