Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time Spent With Friends.....

I spent Thursday with my longtime, font of all knowledge and generous friend, Louise. She is in the process of distributing her mothers sewing notions, threads, fabrics, etc. I was the lucky recipient of threads, many, many threads, this beautiful box included. Always makes me think "they just don't do it like they used to", a sign of getting old? The wooden spools, the hand wrapped bundles, the 15 cent price tags!

Many of us are in the position to take on the distribution of our parents belongings, do we give in to our hoarders instinct or do we let it go and pass it on? My folks are currently in the midst of their final move, to a smaller place, culling through almost 80 years of acquisition.

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Anonymous said...

I love old spools of thread, and I have those "don't make em like they used to" moments daily. Cause they don't!