Friday, April 18, 2008

Got My Copy.....

I guess that my plate is overflowing and a very important date has been overlooked on my Show/Workshop schedule! I will be going to Tampa, FL June 22-29 to participate in three parts of the biannual Convergence 2008 put on by The Handweavers Guild of America. I am teaching a three day workshop where we will cover all types of fleece handling to create anything you might like out of wool felt, specializing in using it as a sculptural medium and then a one day studio class will focus on a Floral Brooch, also made of felt. At the end of these classes I will set up in the vendors hall and show and sell my wares until the festival is over....for another 2 years!

I received my advance copy of Larry Scotts' new book, "Masters:Glass Beads". It is beautiful! My thanks go to Larry for his hard work and willingness to take on the job and for choosing me to be included. I am in great company!

I did want to make clear an omission, though. Included in the book is a picture of the above neck piece. This was in collaboration with my friend and fellow artist Karen Flowers, somehow this detail was omitted, I apologize to you Karen.

I believe that Larry's site states that it will be available the first week of May, don't miss it!

I am gearing up for a big adventure. when I leave home next Friday I will need to have prepared for two shows and a couple of video making sessions. I will elaborate a bit further next week but if you will be in D.C. next weekend and Oakland, Ca the following weekend hopefully you will be able to come to a bead show!!!