Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pansies and Blank Slates and Susan Lenart Kazmer!

So my dear friend Karen said to me this morning, "I was getting concerned about you when the last I had heard was your post about having had enough......"

All is well despite almost intolerable levels of frustration, mostly having to do with communication. Telephones on the blink, dropping calls from my home phone. I am so used to it in my rural location on the cell phone but my land line would go blank 2 and 3 times during a call. That appears to have been fixed but my computer then stopped taking a charge....had to buy yet another power cord...and they don't come cheap for a mac laptop!

My daughter Lily and I planted some pansies....always good for the soul!

These felt shapes are a preview and the first stage of a collaborative effort....stay tuned for updates on a project in the making for a good cause!

Last on my list is a few comments on this lovely new book out, authored by the infamous Susan Lenart Kazmer. Have you seen it? You must. It is beautiful, inspirational and informative. I love the look and the format and the special tips and the "Susan-ness" of it all. Go on over to her site and order yourself up a copy!!!!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jean said...

I bought that book a couple of days ago and I am very excited.I do not know enough about her, and I am anxious to learn more. YOU I love to folow on a regular basis! :) You do so many different things it is wild!

I will be excited to own that book; the way her things fall is the reason I particularly was attracted to it -- it looked cool! can't wait to see it in real. Gail, have a better more communicative upcoming week! Jean