Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Big Pig Gig......

The Big Pig Gig is sadly over for another year. This is the annual fund raiser for The Farm School. This is the local organization/group/family of friends that cultivate awareness, crops and a new way of looking at our lives and priorities. It is where my daughters have spent their middle school educations, fulfilling their parents desire to expose them to 'the things that matter',like cultivating food, living simply, making a small group of friends forcing communication due to the intimate size of the student body. The Big Pig Gig is always a great time. Two of our friends made some stone sculptures of garlic, peapods, mushrooms, etc. They were exquisite. The same friends that made the vegetables auctioned off their talents to erect an outside stone 'pizza oven', this captured the fancy of a few vigorous bidders.

Mavis Staples was the entertainment, this after a fine meal put on by Chef Peter at Henrietta's Table at The Charles Hotel in Boston.

Since, I have been moving from one preparatory activity to the next. I head to Pennsylvania this coming Wednesday to celebrate my oldest sisters' upcoming retirement. She went right to college after high school which put her in the classroom and teaching art at 21 years old. She has been doing that since, now 37(?) years later she can stop doing that....can't wait to see what she does next!

Then the following week I head to Milwaukee where the annual Bead and Button Show resides. I'll be teaching 3 classes, I'll post pictures of the projects just in case you are in the area!

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