Thursday, December 11, 2008

I had a lovely time yesterday....

Yesterday I had visitors...out in my studio, not a frequent event. I so enjoyed sharing my space with two fabulous and like minded artists. Soni said to me when I asked her if she had trouble reconciling the 'state of whirlwind' that accompanies a particularly fertile and productive time, she said, 'no, I just use a yardstick and push back the margins so I can keep on working'. This was referring to the mountains and piles that accrue as I (we) ransack my (our) space(s) to pull out more, different, and varied materials!

As different and separate as I sometimes feel it is touching to realize that we as artists face a unique set of challenges, over and over I hear , 'if I can't see it I forget that I have it to work with'. So, The piles get higher, they start to tumble and I need to remind myself to say... "so what"!, and clean up when that need outweighs the need to create.

This picture is one in a series of ornaments or pendants that I am making, what fun. This one will come along this evening as we go to a holiday party and will live on our neighbors tree.

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