Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Collaborative piece, Karen Flowers and myself!
Felt Sculpture

Don't get me wrong, I am entirely thrilled, pleased and grateful to be honored by "Ornament" magazines invitation to be featured in their Spring 2009 issue, which I just recieved in the mail! Alice Scherer did a great job with both interviewing and presenting me and my work in a well rounded and colorful manner. There are a few drawbacks to their editorial policy of not letting their artists proofread their facts, however. There are three facts stated that could have been so easily fixed, one of these is embarrassing. It states that I have participated in The Smithsonian Craft Show. I have not....not for want of trying, I might add! The other two facts just might make for a confusing timeline. I was married in 1990, also the year that I graduated from MassArt.......just so you don't think that Olive started college at 13 years of age. Lastly, instead of a 'pole barn' construction on my lovely studio, Michael, Steve and Jim did an incredible job of a 'post and beam' construction. Have a look, the article is beautiful! It might not be on the stands yet.

Now that I have that all straightened out...... my day has been interesting. Both Monday and Tuesday were spent with Doctors, both attending to challenges that are only facing me with the advent of time passing, i.e. getting older. Both have long term consequences, both having to do with bones/lack of bones. Bummer.

I am still working towards my big adventure....which starts Friday. If you place an order and it doesn't get right to you know that it will be taken care of, either by my husband and daughter or by me upon my return which will be April 10th.

I hope that spring is springing wherever you are!


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Whooo Wheeee - Fabulous and congrats! Is that you laying out yards of roving?

The pretty pictures and overall feeling of the interview will way overshadow the little discrepancies. Don't lose any sleep over them!

Have fun on your adventure.

i cant sew said...

stumbled across your blog... creative, original, stunning!
%*_*% rosey

Lois Venarchick said...

Way to go Gail! Who cares if the facts aren't 100% accurate, close enough I say! Take care of dem bones! Have a fun and safe trip! xo, Lois

Juanita Bitonti said...

Woweee, Gail! Ornament! ...I let my sub lapse a while back. Guess I'll have to pick one up at the bookstore now...

Roberta said...

I just read the article in Ornament. Your work is simply sublime and very inspiring.

Keep up your lovely work.