Saturday, May 2, 2009

newly in command.

This Rooster has 'stepped down'.

After a winters worth of literally being cooped up, the roosters have undergone a shift in command. The white 'Mr. Chicken' is now in charge! They have been SO happy to be out of doors, taking dirt baths and chewing up bugs, the bad part is they have taken to having fun in the woods, makes it hard to round them up at the end of the day. Always a concern is the looming coyotes.

Update: Michael got some new fencing so they can frolic until dark in relative safety!


Lois Venarchick said...

With a name like VenarCHICK; I love those chickens and roosters. I think that I will have to paint one of these birds!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How fun - would love to have chickens. Their feather patterns are so regal.