Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From one coast to the other...

I witnessed the Manhatten skyline in so many permutations as I drove into the city from NJ for the past several days. My favorite was early Sunday morning. The Statue of Liberty to my right, bold and beautiful, lower Manhatten somewhat obscured by fog on the lower parts of the buildings, Midtown still shrouded in a bit of mist and Uptown was bright, clear, beautiful fluffy clouds and blue sky. Too bad I was driving so I couldn't capture it with a camera....I just blinked a couple of times trying to imprint the image.

Tomorrow I head for Seattle/Bellevue/Camano Island. A trunk show, teaching three classes and a badly needed couple of R&R days.

I'll be back July 1 and have the month of July to try to catch up on ALL of the things that have landed in the 'defer' pile!

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Welcome to Seattle! Have a wonderful time and hope you get some R&R - you busy lady!