Friday, July 3, 2009

Eagle sightings, power animals!

My time on Camano Island with my dear friends and the out of doors, including probably 40 eagle sightings, was lovely, restful and fun. These 2 days were the final reward for a hectic paced, non stop extravaganza running hard since Tucson in February....not kidding. I have no shows or teaching dates planned for the ENTIRE month of July. Sunapee starts on August 1 and goes for 9 days so it really is just a delusion/illusion that the month is 'OFF', but I can make progress with out total interruption during this time. Karen Flowers will arrive here towards the end of the month so we can work together on new ideas and she can 'ransack' my stash,and go home with an influx of new materials.

All is well here, I'm setting my sights on creating order and paving my way. Maybe even some time to update this blog?

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