Monday, July 13, 2009

When life throws you a learning curve.......

Between learning curves, bee stings, studio clean up, children coming...and going....and preparations for Sunapee I have been out straight but in a way that is different than when I am in total 'reaction mode', i.e. home for three days, just time enough to clean clothes, repack, reorder and fly out the door again.

I have been enjoying working with all 3 metal clays and working on some neckpieces. My metal smithing skills are rusty and haven't been practiced since my time at Mass Art when I had the priveledge of taking some classes with Joe Wood, a thorough and disciplined task master. Of course the metal clays weren't on the scene yet but the stand by methods of forging and soldering live on. It comes back to me slowly, I make many mistakes. It is frustrating and rewarding.

As I look over sign ups for my next teaching situation, I see that people want to learn more about metals and less about feltmaking. The Embellished Brooch is one of my very favorite classes to teach, Beadfest Philadelphia is the place to find me, for either Coloring Metals or the lovely brooch, the feltmaking is probably coming to a wind down so if you would like a taste, now is the time.

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