Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Progress.... auction donations being received, cataloged, and photographed, here are 5 awesome pieces! Also, progress being measured in teensy increments, it doesn't hurt to pat the kitty, an activity that a few months ago was painful, yay!

The first bead is just beautiful from Amy Waldman-Smith, I totally love the translucent hearts floating over the subdued colors of the background. The next bead is also just perfect, the first out of two lampworked beads/sculptures from Jennifer Geldard. This long and lovely bead would make an incredible focal, love how it moves from 'region to region'. Next up... I loved how this solitary bird looks like he is skating, I didn't crop it, I liked the solitariness that the extra space offered. Such an excellent sculpture, I want pants like his!

This bead by the incomparable Terri Caspary Schmidt is a fine sample of her 'Bird' series. I LOVE the fact that it is matted, it did make the photography a challenge, however. Trust me when I say that it is SO much better in person!

Sarah Moran, what can I say? These are such tremendous beads, like everything she does! I especially love the rich colors in contrast to each other, the murrini, perfection!

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