Thursday, February 18, 2010

Universal truths......

Most people are good.
Vulnerability brings about humility.
Inactivity is exhausting.
Being grateful alters perspective.
Things can change very quickly.

I'm sure I could go on...and on. Suffice it to say that I am stretching for perspective.
My job is to get my hand back into fine working form, a slow and painful process.

Today is my first day in a long line of many where I am alone, on my own, to push my little wheelie cart that propels my broken leg around, and to carry out the necessities inherent in a 'day in the life'. Michael has gone off to a job.

More Netflix, some correspondence, some preparation for an Australian Beading article, (thanks Jean) and generally gathering gumption for 3x day physical therapy. The balance still evades me, this time in a completely different direction. Usually so busy that things fall through the cracks, now so 'unbusy' that my mind is one big crack.

My blog posts have been sparse, not a lot to report. No tangible manifestations of creativity.

Tucson was delightful, however difficult. Friends rallied around me, customers came and supported me. It was good to be out of the frigid depths of rural Massachusetts and see the fabulous skies of Tuscon changing with the hours of the day.

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