Saturday, January 30, 2010

How quickly things change....

I prefer bones to be intact, rather than the state of my very own fractured fibula. It took me 54 years to be casted and this week I have both limbs on my right side restrained.

Ice covered with a little snow = treachery. All of you out there in frigid climes, please be careful!

I am going to proceed with plans to sell in Tucson. Leaving here Monday morning being met with a cart/scooter/mini walker to rest my knee and cast on in order to negotiate the rigors of a six day show.

It has been interesting, trying to make this decision to go to AZ, informed by conferences with doctors and availability of cool tools like this cart thing, all signs have led me to believe that it is I will go. It has been too long for me in a laid up state, I really am looking forward to the sociability of being 'out in public', and Tucson in February, Yay.

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