Saturday, January 2, 2010

the fast train.

Yesterday's post brought forth so much support and love, words just don't say it~ how awesome it is to get out of your own way in order to try on somebody else's shoes for a bit. There is a spirited desire for people to help where they can, the requests from you to be a part of the auction or to help in other ways is so great. If you want to be a part of the auction, please email me. I have written up a couple of paragraphs to help us come together with a possible way to proceed. Thank you all.

This photo, taken of the iconic Mt.Fuji was taken a couple of weeks ago. This was at the end of my journey, as the light changed to become my last night on this wonderful and foreign experience. In third grade I made a stitchery on burlap, featuring this mountain.....with an alligator in front of it, ha.

Traveling on the bullet train proved to be more of a challenge than I had thought it might be. I was first ousted out of first class, not knowing I was in it. Mr. Miyamoto, my wonderful host, had said to get on the right side of the train in order to see the mountain. In my cozy first seat I was in the perfect position, it went bad fast. I was in car 5, told that any of the 'four fore cars would suit me'. They were either smoke or people filled, I was all the way up to car one and took a seat on the opposite side of the train. At this point exhaustion and humiliation took over as I was sure we were passing the mountain, I rubbernecked around people and seats to try to catch a glimpse of this most important visual.

The train stopped and let a few people off, I switched sides of the train, on the off chance that we hadn't passed it yet, through a mist of tears this did appear.

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