Friday, January 22, 2010

Tucson bound.......

To illustrate the bounty of the universe.......I have willing and ultra capable help to carry out what my right hand usually does. It will be so nice to be at my booth and have help! Thanks Beth, Anne and Kathy!

Included in these pictures are bits of what I will have with me. Lots of metal pieces, glass eyes, felted brooches, earrings and kits as well as glass beads and pendants and plenty of finished jewelry! Luckily I got ahead in production this fall which will enable me to have plenty of handcrafted work along with my bits and pieces.

I will be at the Windmill Inn at The Whole Bead Show, inside to the right in the ballroom. I am loving the thought of moderate temperatures, good friends and the stimulation of so much to look at!

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