Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stuck in printer hell!

after years of stupid purchases and procuring ill made devices I feel like a participant in sites like these, damn, can't they do a little better job in the construction of these disposable carcasses....so maybe they aren't quite so disposable?

some days i just cannot believe how long and difficult some things can be. For instance, I started trying to print a brochure on a new printer at 7 this morning, after a DAY full of unfruitful communication I am wiped out. I find it supremely frustrating.......this printer cannot print a rather simple document and retain all 4 borders, just too big a job for it? SEVERAL of these hours were spent with tech support from both apple and hp. each one claiming it was a problem with the software or an ill calibrated printer, depending on their prevailing interest, Jeez, I just don't have limitless time and my patience is pretty finite, too.

so how is that for a voice long quiet?

crazy busy as I begin to get a grasp on the calendar, sure would be nice if things could run a little smoother than today!!!!

I had a lovely time in Texas, if any of you see this~ thank you, it is a great thing to be able to touch down and in a rather brief time frame feel a sweet connection to the people.... and......we made beautiful things! Thanks Molly!!!


Kate McKinnon said...

Lucky you to have Mary in your class, Gail. Mary, if you read this, send me a picture of the ring you made!

meesh said...

sorry to hear about your naughty printer.

wish we could have lunch and go exploring around a new city together today.

i look forward to our adventures in santa fe in march!


i heart you.


meesh said...

oh and OMIGOD, my little felt clouds are super cute!

i'll send a photo soon!

i'm so lucky to have learned from the best felting teacher around {you}. i think you will be so proud of me!

i did a combination of wet and needle felting and i remember what you always say, when you think you're done. do more! and i did!

cloud brooches coming soon!

later gater tater.

Lois Venarchick said...

Hi gail, See you in Tucson? At Ava's show? We can share horror stories about rotten printers and days where all you can do is spin your wheels! xo, Lois