Friday, January 23, 2009

Curly Ice

Water or Ice?

While trying to keep the studio warm I am busy scurrying about from project to project. On the list are tying up many loose ends.

This necklace is a collaboration between my longtime design partner, Karen Flowers and myself. It is a submission to 'Convergence', the design challenge sponsored by the International Society of Beadmakers and Bead and Button.

I have been chosen as a finalist in the Saul Bell awards. Amazing. The piece is proving to be a real challenge to complete and make thoroughly workable. By Sunday evening it needs to be ready to mail... I don't follow astrology but my workaday world seems to be impeded by forces similar to 'mercury in retrograde' in a large way, may the sludge turn clear and let me proceed?

Meanwhile, my delight in the workings of our nations leader and all that surrounds it has dusted the edges off of these work challenges, I believe that all will be well!

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Corinne Loomer said...

That is truly a beautiful piece of Art/Jewelry!