Monday, January 19, 2009

I was one of not too many people crossing the George Washington bridge this morning at sunrise, with the city to my south and the sun coming up behind it and the grandeur of a flag this size...(I am wondering if the flag that was up wasn't even bigger than this was monstrous) i had a lump in my throat as I was listening to both M.L King, Jr. and Mr. Obama for the long drive back from Baltimore. What a wonderful world, in all of its complexities!

This flag that flies on only a handful of days a year was so well done as it filled the magnificent archways of such a bridge, luckily I chose to go over the 'upper level' or I would have missed it completely.

I had originally thought that my sister and I would brave the volume of people and head into D.C this week but we either chickened out or came to our my case the time commodity is running short so I really was feeling the need to get back home and get to work.

Home now but no more work today.

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