Thursday, February 26, 2009

Compositions delight!

I love these little compositions. They let me play with movement, color, texture. I get to felt, to color and bend metal and compose a quick pendant or ornament. I will soon have the kits available online. My last 3 trips out have proven that this a popular activity!

Striving for balance and struggling to master a degree of effective time management is my daily challenge. Let's see how it goes today as I order up some supplies, go after some oxygen....(so I can finally put together several days at the torch starting Monday), divvy up some sequins, continue to do badly needed clean up. I need to set a mouse trap. My husband and I were awakened by a bold little mouse who was chewing VERY LOUDLY in the eaves next to our heads at 3 A.M. where was Mr. Fluffypants, our in house hunter?

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