Saturday, February 14, 2009

A special day......

My eldest daughter turned 18 today, what a lovely milestone! Valentines Day has special meaning to our family as it is not only Olives birthday but my sister Nancy's as well.

Her younger sister skied a 5 K race today as we watched from the banks of a snow filled basin on a beautiful winters day, white, blue and sunny.

Home again, to rest.... and then start in heartily tomorrow for final preparation for Detroit Bead Daze.

I hope that your day is full of life, love and laughter.


Nikki Coulombe said...

Hi Gail, thanks for posting part of my Heart Shapes in Nature series on your blog...there are over 70 in the series now. Happy 18th Birthday to your daughter!

Nikki said...

P.S. Your work is amazing!!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

What a wonderful day for a birthday!

Have fun with all of the fun, talented and crazy gals in Detroit.