Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am home and catching up~ slowly. My adventures have been action packed and full of so many details that my head is sometimes swimming.

Lily goes back to school tomorrow which leaves Michael and I in the empty nest again. She is ready.

Today was lovely, spent time with my friends in and around Boston, the day splendid. I'm a big fan of September in New England, the weather and air quality can't be beat. Blue, clear, puffy white clouds, 70 degrees. I was remembering the feeling of Labor Day on Cape Cod when there was a mass exodus and the cape returned to those of us that lived there year round, all errands became much simpler. You didn't have to hibernate if it was raining outside, a trip into town on a rainy day was always a challenge, all of the people that had come for a beach vacation would explore the towns and villages and totally clog up the passageways.

I have started to update my 'shop' page, a bunch of cool metal shapes are now available for sale, more to be added tomorrow.

This acorn is accompanied by a cuttlefish casting of a heart done by Sarah Nelson whom I used to teach with at 'the Worcester Center for Crafts'.

I have some time this catch up, jump forward and hopefully get some fresh ideas going. A painting workshop mid month is starting to capture my attention and has me thinking of subject matter, I want to abstract the inside of some pods, of course.

I really have had a fine time since my last entry here. Philly was fun and the Felters' Fling was exceptional, what a lovely group, 60 felters! I had the pleasure of transporting 3 other instructors, Jeannette Sendler, an incredible woman who lives in Scotland and has done some inspired projects, all over the world, have a look......and Karoliina Arvilommi , and Rod Welsh (whose website is down).They are felters from Finland who guided a dozen women through a rigorous process of hand felting the most incredible rugs and were a joy to spend the day with. It was such a comfort to see friends made over the last 7 years and to meet new ones, gain courage from talking to friends about their experiences with the surgery that I am contemplating, see my friend Pat from MassArt days, and to uncover layers of friendship. That only happens over time, and can't be forced and so beautifully illustrates the truth that none of us are one dimensional, we all have a story and a series of experiences that mold us into our current permutation.

We traveled together into NYC and the Cooper Hewitt Museum where there is a felting exhibit going on currently, we had a nice lunch and I took them to a hotel where I left them and I headed back to NJ where I picked my car up with a new fuel

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