Thursday, September 24, 2009

with thanks.....

...To you out there in 'blogland' for noticing and commenting so encouragingly on my painting results! There is so much going on in my mind and world. This past week is a blur....from my lovely time at Squam, spending two days with the incomparable Mary Beth Shaw and finding Kathy Dorfer and Stephanie there at registration, how cool is that????.... Bunking with a new found friend, Coco.....only to scurry off.....feeling like I had given birth meet up with my sister and dad in Portland, ME where we spent the night, got up and headed up into the Rangely Lakes area of Maine to meet up with Tom and Sean where we spent our day aside the beautiful Dodge Pond and captured the stories of my dads life on film (of course it is no longer film....) and had such a special time. I can't thank all of you enough....for showing up just when you were needed, and doing your 'jobs' flawlessly!

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