Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiara turned Necklace.....

I had intended to make a tiara, it just kept growing and has a new life as a necklace. My life is interesting right now, with plans and projects filling my days nicely, happily in the studio.

Loving the weather, filling orders, thanks for your interest!

I see Shunji tomorrow, it's been months since I've been under his care. Shiatsu isn't what I ever would have thought of when someone said 'massage', he breaks through barriers, I swear.


Anita + Elias Schwegler-Juen said...

wonderful work! Once again, self-willed and very full stalk, I like insanely good ... All the best, Elias

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Gorgeous Gail! Like a wreath of flowers or string of shells.