Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fine Fodder.....

I once set up a display for T.C. Rochford and Sons at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.....back in the days of studying horticulture. This show, otherwise known as 'The Queens' Show" was an incredible array of the happiest plant specimens in the world. I remember traveling into London in the back of a lorry/tractor trailer truck that housed many plants but was predominately taken up by one HUGE tree that was the centerpiece for our whole display. It was like santa's workshop. I spent the week there and at weeks end we sold off all of the plants and took the train home! Most fondly I remember what seemed to be an acre of daffodils, in a naturalistic planting with varieties I had never seen before...or since.

These passion flowers surely house parts that I could spend days/months/years even, exploring ways to render them in different materials.

The show in Dedham was fun, I visited with old and new friends. Thanks for coming out, everybody. I thought that yesterday might have been a lost cause due to weather forecasts but we were saved from the predicted volume of snow, just enough slush to make it sloppy.

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