Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild.......

The Guild in the Detroit area knows how to treat a newcomer. Big thanks go to all of you for your warm welcome! I had a really nice time.

There is a disturbing trend emerging, however. The pictures posted here are of two pieces taken from my table at shows lately. They were samples of either kits or classes or elaborations of parts that I sell. Did I piss you off that they weren't for sale? Did they just invoke lust that you just could not resist? You have to consider the Karmic implications of your behavior. I am offering a reward for the return of these objects, you need to know that they are one of a kind and in order for you to enjoy them you will need to do so in the darkness of your closet!

My next series of tasks are in preparation for going out to Portland, OR the end of the month for Bead Expo.I am excited about the classes that I will be teaching and the friends that I will be seeing!

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woolsoup said...

Oh Gail- that is just so unfortunate! I just can't imagine.

Best to you, M and the girls. I enjoyed having L in summer programs with Kerry last year.