Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Ongoing Saga........

So...we took the purple couches outside, let them air, sun and wind for two days....and the smell is still unpleasantly strong. A QUEER thing happened. Yesterday I went for a shiatsu treatment, I swear that Shunji opened up a pocket of stored 'purple couch toxins' I smelled it throughout my treatment, that can't be good.

The family and I spent two days living off the stool and floor of the living room in hopes that mother nature would clear things up. Today we conceded and brought the beige couch back into the house and the two purple ones back out to the studio. This has been way too close to a full time job!!!! I have sequins to package up and jewelry to make...Portland bound.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gail, I just found your blog... wow! I am looking forward to read it carefully as soon as possible! I am so happy that we print an artist portrait of you in our magazine! Best wishes, sarah