Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So long gone.....

Who 'out there' has experienced the 'time warp' that I speak of? It is as if time speeds up, the clock spins and I am left hanging on as if attached, flying out to the side, of a fast moving merry-go-round. Thank goodness it has slowed down, I think it happens every Labor Day/early Fall. It is totally disconcerting, always leaves me pondering the theory of relativity.

At any rate, in this somewhat normal perception I need to take stock of upcoming events! Next week I head out to Portland, OR where I will be giving a talk to the Portland Bead Society, followed up by 4 fun classes! If you will be in the area and would like to experience some felted embellished jewelry scale classes please let Carol Perrenaud know at carol@beadcats.com.

The pictures here are examples of some ideas that Kate Mckinnon and I are working on as offerings in our two 2009 classes together. The first of which will be at the lovely Hacienda Mosaico in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico to start the year off right. Come spend the first week of the new year with us dabbling with both familiar and new materials!!!! Sign ups can be processed at Kate''s site, also the home of a new 'shop' page for her, check it out! The second opportunity to spend some time exploring a multi media blast will be at Bead Daze in Detroit in February, the weather probably not as sweet but the energy and offerings guaranteed to please.

In my newly slowed down perception I am looking forward to a day at the torch, listening to my newfound gift of a library of books on tape, THANK YOU ANNIE!!!!!!!!