Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dancing on hot coals......

'Arrived home last night after a wonderful time at BABE in sunny Oakland, CA. Just in time to whip stuff out of suitcases and re-whip them into others. I'm pretending that I am ready to drive the loaded rental van down to D.C. to participate in The Washington Craft Show, truth be told, I am probably as ready as I'll be with the exception of the washer full of clothes, which isn't really very ready given my travel schedule for the past month and a half. I hear my old friend Anne Gainey saying, "you can sleep when you die". Yes.

I have been busy, which is an understatement. After arriving home from Holland I had a few days to prepare for BABE, get myself out there, meet up with my pals, visit the MOMA, an incredible couple of photo exhibits currently shown; go to General Bead on Thursday and teach a wonderful Foldforming class on Friday. The class was great, it is always challenging to introduce something new. I am pleased with how the class worked out, I believe everyone enjoyed themselves, including me, thanks students!

The show was great, saw many of my friends, new and old. California always makes me happy.

I was finally able to download some photos from my 3 day Amsterdam adventure, I think that these should wait for a next posting as I just reached my max for this round.

This week brings the craft show, visits with my mom and sister and brother and sister in law, hopefully some nephews thrown in and then I'm off to California again next Monday in order to get me closer to my Tuesday flight to Japan. After that I get to rest...and have my other hand operated on.

This urchin fountain is situated in Jack London Square in Oakland, so cool. A cute picture of my friend Anne, a canal photo of boats on boats and a ceramic pod from my friends garden in Leende, also a typical cheese section in a grocery store in Holland...Snapshot hodgePodge.