Friday, June 3, 2011

so much fun!

Since I have been home from Canada my time has been focused (mostly, other times I've run off on tangents) in the studio. I feel so blessed to be able to string together so many days where all that matters is creation. it is a whirlwind, a tsunami. Today I need to clean up after all of these 'storms' and refocus on order and presentation as I leave early tomorrow for Milwaukee.

Spring moves into summer. Lily is due home next week, tomorrow she will be a part of the Strolling of the Heifers parade in Brattleboro, VT. I wish I could see the parade. She has been working with Hula H. Hoop, a 3 month heifer, in order to get her ready to face a crowd and be 'street presentable'. I spent some time last weekend up in Putney where she was working with Hula, so green, so lush, so sweet.

Pictures include wares ready for packing. Glass beads, mesh bangles adorned with deer skin and metal parts and a charm necklace, 'JuJu' going on!

Michaels progress continues. It is never quick enough but I am amazed at the bodies abilities. In two months he has come such a long way. I know that to him it feels interminable but from the outside he has come so far. A full nights sleep is a challenge as is his energy level, when he hits the wall he HITS it, he doesn't want to be too far 'into the woods'.

Ah, the phases of time, the mind and forward thought. It is as if my mind has hyperactive filters acting as blinders as each filter is engaged, losing sight of the big picture. I need to bring this 'Big Picture' into focus and get this show rolling. My hope is that you can engage so completely that you can temporarily lose sight of that big least temporarily.

P.S., Kate, I enabled comments...finally.