Saturday, July 26, 2008

Orange is screaming at me...

It is amazing what happens when my head is down...other than a neck ache.

Orange has been screaming at a good way.

Excellent books on tape have been filling my mind with expansive and loving thought. 'Water for Elephants', and 'Eat, Pray, Love' have had me in their grips, what a lovely place to be. Have you read either/both of these? Clearly the key is love.

Samples of the fruit of my labor. Earrings in tandem with the incomparable Meesh.

My nine day yearly pilgrimage to the base of Sunapee Mountain to be a part of the mighty and ancient (75 years old this year) League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Fair commences a week from today. It is always a challenge and feels daunting preparing for this event. Truth be told, when I am 'in' it and 'going to work everyday' I find it enjoyable. It is just the thought of setting up in a new spot every time and on uneven terrain that fill me with trepidation, once that is all worked out and I am just greeting fairgoers and being the social being that I can often be, it is fun!

Come on up !

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The dressing up of Tacoma is a wonderful thing!

I love that a city has gotten behind one of its treasured jewels and built a museum to celebrate glass. The hotel that we stayed in, The Murano, has taken a glass artist on each floor and purchased a piece, presenting it upon exiting the elevator, and runs photo essays up and down the halls of each artists process. What a cool thing!

The view from our room was exquisite. Mt. Rainier and all of Tacoma in full view. Great to see all of my friends and customers and students....and the farmers market.....nowhere in the world could I find such opulent bouquets and succulent berries!

I often think of the indigenous people that inhabited the pacific northwest and the fact that food and shelter was so bountiful they had time and materials to express themselves artistically. I had wanted to visit the art Museum in Seattle but was foiled due to the 'Monday Museum Rule'. I have been there in the past and was overwhelmed by the scale of the native gallery, full sized totem poles, such cool masks and tools.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Summer Barrels On....

Happy Birthday to my brother David!!!

The different holidays and days of note mark time, doesn't it move on entirely too quickly?

I am barely keeping up, overlooking important commitments and generally screwing things up........I am in need of a break from my life, don't know when that opportunity will arrive so I guess I'll squeeze in an hour here and an hour there in order to generate what my grandfather used to call ' a fresh eye', sort of like a power nap or a ten minute meditation.

I leave this coming Wednesday for a trip to Puget Sound and the Bead Festival.I will spend my 53rd birthday out there with friends, if you are out in the area come on down to Tacoma to the bead show! I always love the lushness of the pacific northwest.