Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Turn this...

into this!

In my time away from this blog I have been 'around the block'. From manic jewelry construction, reveling in the nuance of production, to traveling to California where the NORCAL customers and friends came out in droves, and showered me with friendship and support.... onto Bead and Button where I nearly drove myself crazy burning the candle at both ends in order to create the volume necessary for a lovely presentation, home for 3 days and off to Damascus, MD where I taught a wonderful group of women all sorts of things to returning home, bankrupt. Bankrupt of spirit and energy and positive thinking.

I am trying to regroup. I never thought of myself as particularly manic, go like hell, yes, for long periods. I would count on a requisite time period to refuel and off I would go again. The 'go again' is elusive this time. This is where I count on my past and the knowledge that all things change....and not always in 'my' time frame.

Patience, trying to be kind (to myself, mostly) as I still always think of how my bitter moods might affect others, and try to engage in meaningful tasks to pass the time until my world looks brighter, more generous, more optimistic. I'm sure that part of my lowly attitude has to do with physical limitations and the fact that I was rolling along so nicely, performing the tasks I was choosing to do leading up to all of those commitments. Here, in the world where my parameters aren't so closely defined and I am wanting to expand my work I am running into limitations and discomfort.

As I try to reenter the world of positive thinking I look ahead towards my next few ventures out into the world. The Midwest Felting Symposium is happening in Madison, WI from July 21-25 where I will be teaching 4 felting classes. Come, submerge yourself in the land of wool, and encrust the surfaces with beads! No previous experience necessary.

On August 21-22 I will be in Maine to teach 'The Felted Lariat' at the studio of Stephanie Sersich. A spot has just opened up, won't you come and play with us? Her home and studio and baby and sweetie, Tom, are the bomb.

Maybe it won't take me 6 weeks to decide to share again? I hope that your world is feeling kind and generous and that you are urged to notice the goodness that abounds.