Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amorous Porcupine....

I'll fight my repressive tendencies to share a true story. In the course of flitting back and forth yesterday between house and studio I encountered 2 porcupines. The large, logey, prehistoric looking one hot on the trail of the smaller, demure and childlike version of same. He starts to mount her...a few times. I , wondering how this all works with quills and tails in the way, was surprised to see the male, up in prairie dog fashion, turn to me with his claws crossed over his upper chest while sporting an enormous erection. We had a stare down, I laughing, and he went back on all fours...after the 'sweet young thing'!

Country living at its best, HA!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanks Boston......

Yesterday the show was fun, thanks all!

Back to the drawing table.

I'll come up for air soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trips Completion....

My long trip has concluded.

It had me on the outskirts of my organizational abilities, amazingly enough I didn't forget anything......some things were more challenging than others to put my hands on....but they all made the trip. The challenge was packing for 6 different classes in two different cities.

So much for my time with family, friends and students, both new and repeat, were heartwarming.

Art and Soul was funfilled and eye opening with the myriad of cool material manipulation that is going on. I think people enjoyed their introduction to felting as a viable addition to their cache of materials to call upon. Many thanks to you folks that stuck with me for all 3 days, I enjoyed that continuity so much.

This pumpkin patch picture, taken with my iphone, so beautifully captures a hauntingly beautiful afternoon with my sweet and always fun friend Meesh, known to some of you as Michele Goldstein. We not only went to this great place but we took a drive to the Oregon coast and had a climb up an old lighthouse and had lunch next to a whole flock, pod, gathering of sea lions, so cool. Thanks Meesh and family for tolerating me for this extended time!

Southern California and time spent at the home and store of Carole Tripp at Creative Castle was just great. She and her workmates, friends and customers did so much to make me feel welcome, a hearty thanks go out to each and every one of you!

Now, I have a brief window to try and gather materials, have a beadmaking day and repack in order to head into Boston for the Bead Designer International show in Watertown this coming Saturday, from 10-5, please come on by!