Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where will you be?.....

...On May 16?

Anne Mitchell and I will be teaching a "Coloring Metals, Assembling Outrageous Components" class the day after the NORCAL Bead Society Show in Oakland at the City Center Marriott on May 16, follow the link to Anne's site to sign up!

Angela Neal from The Jewelry Report wrote the nicest things to accompany a brief interview we had a couple of weeks ago, have a look!

I'm faced with the ever present observation of wondering where time goes, can't believe that my last post was March 9...the month is all but gone already. I'm still not able to make anything but I have been busy, busy, busy.

My plans for my grand European adventure are coming along nicely. In addition to my Italian trip with Bead Ventures, I've added a stop at Facet Designsin Leende, Netherlands to spend a week teaching and exhibiting at Miriam Steger's studio and the Bead Show, and a stop in Copenhagen to teach at Bifrost Studio. What a lineup!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

here we go....

Here, another gorgeous grouping of 'Meesh Auction' offerings, I know...I know....when? Soon, I promise!Donna Menhart is responsible for this scrumptous string of delightful beads, Kristina Logan, for the adorable orange 'mini'earrings, Barb Switzer, soon to be married maker of the volcanic, wire clasped, beaded bead bracelet, Andrea Guarino, responsible for the winged heart, Stephanie Sersich, for the incredible 'New Earrings for Every Day',and Gail Lannum shares a beautiful Bronze Clay necklace incorporating a Meesh bead. How's that for a lineup?

I am being put to the test regarding computer, everywhere. I have been invited to join Craft Edu as part of the 'faculte', an honor and a challenge but I look forward to learning the skills necessary to share my skills as an educator through this forum. Thanks Donna!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I had been out of these scallop shapes for quite sometime, they are back in 4 different sizes, ready to install and house your treasured objects. Techniques for altering color on metal and cold joining pieces will be shared in Santa Fe at Beadfest, coming up later this month. I will be teaching a class with Anne Mitchell and exhibiting at the convention center in a shared endcap with Steff Korsage,Bronwen Heilman, Anne Mitchell,and Terry Caspary Schmidt!
Also new to my 'shop' are 5 new hologram flowers. I confess to loving these. With their sparkly surface they are the perfect juxtaposition for embellishing fabric and felt!