Friday, February 25, 2011

Next up, NORCAL and Santa Fe....

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So many factions of a life scream for attention, I try to choose wisely. Sometimes I just go with what is more fun, ahh, the choices we make.

I am gathering materials to take into Boston for a weekend workshop I am taking in making molds for casting. Included are natural forms, altered natural forms, some already made pieces and some fun shapes. We'll see where it leads.

Pictures included today are of the 3 classes that I am teaching in Santa Fe. Class signups are going well, there is still some space, though. I'd love to have you aboard. For those that have already signed up, Thank you....we are in for a fun time! I am really looking forward to this trip, for March 5th I will be in Oakland, CA at the NORCAL Bead Society Show, and then I'll make my way towards Santa Fe, stopping to visit my friends Susan and Richard in Sebastopol, CA.

I won't have a booth in Santa Fe, my teaching location will be in The Lodge. I will have supplies and a mini trunk show going on in my classroom, if you are in the area at lunchtime or before and after class, I'd love to see you!

It is snowing AGAIN this morning, a heavy, wet snow. I rest in the knowledge that as each day passes we are closer to the shift towards spring. What a welcome promise....

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My time in the studio.
My family of friends.
The fact that I have been graced with the ability to turn thought into action.
Insights delivered deep in the night.

NOT loving:
Health challenges and recovery from damages to family and friends.
The all too fast passage of time.

All in all a 'hopeful halo' rests atop my head, letting me think, plan, dream.
I wish the same for you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feng Shui to Chickens.....

I was impressed with Michael's winding path to the chicken house. I am always impressed with eggs, chicken or otherwise. The Psankied eggs are from my 'wayback work'. They were made around 1976-77, probably.

Yesterday was the first hint of spring here, snow was melting for the first time in weeks, the trip from the house to the studio was joyous, didn't need to scurry, reveling in the warmth on my back.

My brain is in 'strain' mode as I think about the 'now', the near future and ahead of that. I know about the notion of 'one day at a time', it certainly has its place and is a great model for my thought process but in this business we need to consider 'far ahead' in order for things to run smoothly; ordering, organizing and trying on scenarios.

I leave tomorrow for a trip to Cape Cod to visit friends and 'train' my friend Susan in some projects where I need help and then I go onto The Bead House where I can see Jeff and Kim and share with the group a fun class in the new Fastfire Bronzeclay.

I love that feeling in the core, knowing that Spring will Spring...even if it retreated overnight. I loved yesterday's taste, now my hands are cold again.