Saturday, January 31, 2009

Borrowed from Kretyn's photostream......

So clean, so fresh. I'm 'outta here' back on the 13th!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much a piece of pasta.

From morning till many things need my attention!
My final few minutes of this day spent looking for visual stimulation.
Next stop...what's playing on the inside of my eyelids?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Curly Ice

Water or Ice?

While trying to keep the studio warm I am busy scurrying about from project to project. On the list are tying up many loose ends.

This necklace is a collaboration between my longtime design partner, Karen Flowers and myself. It is a submission to 'Convergence', the design challenge sponsored by the International Society of Beadmakers and Bead and Button.

I have been chosen as a finalist in the Saul Bell awards. Amazing. The piece is proving to be a real challenge to complete and make thoroughly workable. By Sunday evening it needs to be ready to mail... I don't follow astrology but my workaday world seems to be impeded by forces similar to 'mercury in retrograde' in a large way, may the sludge turn clear and let me proceed?

Meanwhile, my delight in the workings of our nations leader and all that surrounds it has dusted the edges off of these work challenges, I believe that all will be well!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I was one of not too many people crossing the George Washington bridge this morning at sunrise, with the city to my south and the sun coming up behind it and the grandeur of a flag this size...(I am wondering if the flag that was up wasn't even bigger than this was monstrous) i had a lump in my throat as I was listening to both M.L King, Jr. and Mr. Obama for the long drive back from Baltimore. What a wonderful world, in all of its complexities!

This flag that flies on only a handful of days a year was so well done as it filled the magnificent archways of such a bridge, luckily I chose to go over the 'upper level' or I would have missed it completely.

I had originally thought that my sister and I would brave the volume of people and head into D.C this week but we either chickened out or came to our my case the time commodity is running short so I really was feeling the need to get back home and get to work.

Home now but no more work today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fondness for dapping!

I love the simplicity of this tool! As you might know my mission is to turn anything 2D into 3D, this makes my job really easy.

The new year is starting off well, as I said in my last trip to Texas was a delight, tomorrow I drive to Baltimore to set up for the Baltimore Bead Society Show which will go through the weekend.

I am then home to finely tune my offerings for my time in Tucson.

If you are interested in spending a fun, informative and productive day in the midst of all of your shopping madness while in Tucson, sign up for a one day extravaganza at the studio of Anne Mitchell where she and I are offering a class in reshaping metals, making components more easily used and adding color to them. Two dates are available, February 2 and 11. Please come join us! I have some fabulous new shapes that we can alter!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stuck in printer hell!

after years of stupid purchases and procuring ill made devices I feel like a participant in sites like these, damn, can't they do a little better job in the construction of these disposable maybe they aren't quite so disposable?

some days i just cannot believe how long and difficult some things can be. For instance, I started trying to print a brochure on a new printer at 7 this morning, after a DAY full of unfruitful communication I am wiped out. I find it supremely frustrating.......this printer cannot print a rather simple document and retain all 4 borders, just too big a job for it? SEVERAL of these hours were spent with tech support from both apple and hp. each one claiming it was a problem with the software or an ill calibrated printer, depending on their prevailing interest, Jeez, I just don't have limitless time and my patience is pretty finite, too.

so how is that for a voice long quiet?

crazy busy as I begin to get a grasp on the calendar, sure would be nice if things could run a little smoother than today!!!!

I had a lovely time in Texas, if any of you see this~ thank you, it is a great thing to be able to touch down and in a rather brief time frame feel a sweet connection to the people.... and......we made beautiful things! Thanks Molly!!!