Sunday, February 28, 2010

Puglia and Naples....

Day dreaming of a time up ahead where life is for discovery, sharing and, different, healthy (all limbs in working order) and openness. These Trulli homes and the finials on their roofs are most intriguing.

This trip to southern Italy holds a beacon of potential, centering on my teaching of a course for meaningful artmaking, collaging found materials, coloring and joining metals and other componenets while soaking up the drastic and subtle differences between cultures and exploring Naples and the Puglia region through the eyes of the magnificent Maggie Meister and Bead Ventures.... reliquaries, anyone? I hope that you can join us in this exciting prospect!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Progress.... auction donations being received, cataloged, and photographed, here are 5 awesome pieces! Also, progress being measured in teensy increments, it doesn't hurt to pat the kitty, an activity that a few months ago was painful, yay!

The first bead is just beautiful from Amy Waldman-Smith, I totally love the translucent hearts floating over the subdued colors of the background. The next bead is also just perfect, the first out of two lampworked beads/sculptures from Jennifer Geldard. This long and lovely bead would make an incredible focal, love how it moves from 'region to region'. Next up... I loved how this solitary bird looks like he is skating, I didn't crop it, I liked the solitariness that the extra space offered. Such an excellent sculpture, I want pants like his!

This bead by the incomparable Terri Caspary Schmidt is a fine sample of her 'Bird' series. I LOVE the fact that it is matted, it did make the photography a challenge, however. Trust me when I say that it is SO much better in person!

Sarah Moran, what can I say? These are such tremendous beads, like everything she does! I especially love the rich colors in contrast to each other, the murrini, perfection!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Last Call......

For objects to be included in the auction for Meesh and her boys. I have started the photography. What fun to handle and photograph such beautiful pieces, thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, this is a lovely collection of objects. Here is an initial sampling....stay tuned, we are aiming for an end of the month auction on ebay!
Images are from top to bottom: A lovely green Turquoise and Bali silver necklace by Tari Kahrs, a colorful mosaic polymer flower necklace by Rosemary Cohen, A handmade lampworked lotus bead by the one and only Kim miles and a lampworked winged heart bead and hand made fine silver chain collaboration from Anne Mitchell and Terri Caspary Schmidt, how's that for a start?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Universal truths......

Most people are good.
Vulnerability brings about humility.
Inactivity is exhausting.
Being grateful alters perspective.
Things can change very quickly.

I'm sure I could go on...and on. Suffice it to say that I am stretching for perspective.
My job is to get my hand back into fine working form, a slow and painful process.

Today is my first day in a long line of many where I am alone, on my own, to push my little wheelie cart that propels my broken leg around, and to carry out the necessities inherent in a 'day in the life'. Michael has gone off to a job.

More Netflix, some correspondence, some preparation for an Australian Beading article, (thanks Jean) and generally gathering gumption for 3x day physical therapy. The balance still evades me, this time in a completely different direction. Usually so busy that things fall through the cracks, now so 'unbusy' that my mind is one big crack.

My blog posts have been sparse, not a lot to report. No tangible manifestations of creativity.

Tucson was delightful, however difficult. Friends rallied around me, customers came and supported me. It was good to be out of the frigid depths of rural Massachusetts and see the fabulous skies of Tuscon changing with the hours of the day.