Thursday, April 24, 2008


The daffodils are in full bloom and it has been almost a week since we have had a frost...looks like we are on the right track!

I am packing for a complicated journey in terms of organizing. I leave tomorrow for 9 days to include stopping in D.C. for a weekend bead show at the Bohrer Center in Gaithersburg.

I then fly out to California where I will be shooting three videos with the innovative Beaducation team! Three Feltmaking classes, what a great idea Lisa has going.

Lastly I will be setting up to sell my wares in Oakland at the City Center Marriott with The NORCAL Bead Society. Links to their site don't appear to be working. The show will only be on Saturday, I hope to see you there. Always a good time!

In the process of all of these plans I am feeling choked by the airlines imposition of limiting baggage allowances. Most all of them are decreasing allowable luggage to 1 50 pound check through.....yes, choked. I can't make a usual 'outing' to a show with the soon to be passed allowance, I often pay for a third bag, much less trying to pack for these 3 situations!

I will return May 4. As of now all orders are in the mail and most correspondence is caught up with.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Got My Copy.....

I guess that my plate is overflowing and a very important date has been overlooked on my Show/Workshop schedule! I will be going to Tampa, FL June 22-29 to participate in three parts of the biannual Convergence 2008 put on by The Handweavers Guild of America. I am teaching a three day workshop where we will cover all types of fleece handling to create anything you might like out of wool felt, specializing in using it as a sculptural medium and then a one day studio class will focus on a Floral Brooch, also made of felt. At the end of these classes I will set up in the vendors hall and show and sell my wares until the festival is over....for another 2 years!

I received my advance copy of Larry Scotts' new book, "Masters:Glass Beads". It is beautiful! My thanks go to Larry for his hard work and willingness to take on the job and for choosing me to be included. I am in great company!

I did want to make clear an omission, though. Included in the book is a picture of the above neck piece. This was in collaboration with my friend and fellow artist Karen Flowers, somehow this detail was omitted, I apologize to you Karen.

I believe that Larry's site states that it will be available the first week of May, don't miss it!

I am gearing up for a big adventure. when I leave home next Friday I will need to have prepared for two shows and a couple of video making sessions. I will elaborate a bit further next week but if you will be in D.C. next weekend and Oakland, Ca the following weekend hopefully you will be able to come to a bead show!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Any and All Materials are Considered....

I love it when you get an idea and you are instantly able to explore it through the use of user friendly materials. I love polymer clay for that reason. I had an idea today and know that it is entirely doable with the use of polymer. Like so many things, you could dedicate your life to any medium and always learn new things but the forgiving nature of this clay lets me sketch an idea with not much more than a good conditioning of the clay and a willingness to experiment!

This picture is not what my vision of today was but a 'sketch' from another day, with just as spontaneous a notion!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smooth Exterior....

Technical challenges reign supreme.

I just can't 'get off the block' in this techno world, between my brain malfunction and the peculiarities of cyber space I am frequently baffled, often crippled by the challenges presented.

I was looking at some old work recently, made in 1987, of which this is part of a many 'egged' piece. I see it today as metaphor for some of the many facets of my personality, this smooth surface...with an explosive interior. Some were lined with pearls, some with steel wool, some nails, cotton balls....all housed by different sized porcelain eggs.

It is interesting and somewhat revealing to open up the archives. To me it is much like opening up a I don't write, or draw, I just make. Pretty bulky!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pansies and Blank Slates and Susan Lenart Kazmer!

So my dear friend Karen said to me this morning, "I was getting concerned about you when the last I had heard was your post about having had enough......"

All is well despite almost intolerable levels of frustration, mostly having to do with communication. Telephones on the blink, dropping calls from my home phone. I am so used to it in my rural location on the cell phone but my land line would go blank 2 and 3 times during a call. That appears to have been fixed but my computer then stopped taking a charge....had to buy yet another power cord...and they don't come cheap for a mac laptop!

My daughter Lily and I planted some pansies....always good for the soul!

These felt shapes are a preview and the first stage of a collaborative effort....stay tuned for updates on a project in the making for a good cause!

Last on my list is a few comments on this lovely new book out, authored by the infamous Susan Lenart Kazmer. Have you seen it? You must. It is beautiful, inspirational and informative. I love the look and the format and the special tips and the "Susan-ness" of it all. Go on over to her site and order yourself up a copy!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I say enough of the snow!
The 'Mother of us All' has a totally different idea. We still have snow banks sprinkled around but the majority of the ground was finally clear, not so now.

My trip to the west coast was really fun, punctuated by a viewing of the Circque du Soleil. My classes were sweet, both taught for the first time. Students did a great job, many left with finished pieces!

The show was great also, me being placed between Michele and Stephanie made it extra fun. Portland is such a COOL town.