Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am reminded.....

Clouds over the Isle of Man

.....of a comment while traveling with my daughters, both lots younger than today, Lily probably 5, Olive 8. Lily said after watching the video on board the plane,
specifically the slide to safety, "we'll just land in the clouds, right?"

Such delightful naivete.

A day at home with all 4 of us roosting together, a large chicken to roast.

May all of your thanksgivings be thankful.

One week from today I start on my big adventure. I leave for Miami in order to teach for the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild, 3 classes, one in Copper Clay, one in a Felted Brooch and one in Coloring Metals. I fly home, have a day to repack and then head to Japan where I will spend 10 days, 6 of which will be teaching and demoing. 2 days in Kyoto where I will look for the monkeys in the mountains, visit some temples, and just take it where it leads. My time in Tokyo calls for a visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market. The excitement is strenuous. I am home for 2 days and then have my surgery on Dec. 22. Who knows what then? At least I will have technicolor memories of days passed that were action packed!

I am looking forward to so many things.

Monday, November 2, 2009

oh my........

Bronze and Copper Clay Pendants
Fine Silver Pendants

Needing to trust the bigger 'timeline'.....I am finally at a stage to switch activities from production to tagging and packing......after a trip up to Putney to watch my girl, Lily, play a soccer game this afternoon.

I have been hard at it for many days, ever since the porcupine siting actually.

From morning till night......make, make, make, occasionally wondering if this or that might be the last 'one' that I will make. I am reminded by my wise friend that I had full trust in the chosen Doctors abilities when I booked the surgery......keep remembering that.

The 3 ring circus is down to 2 rings.

Plenty of time to think while in solitary 'lockup', accompanied by Pandora radio, set to stream 'Bob Dylan radio'.....they make excellent choices.