Friday, April 22, 2011


Some things are easier to accept than others, i.e. cancer, bears destroying the hives and many job today is to trust the order of the universe and to choose a positive approach to the chaos in my wake.

I am gladly home after a challenging time away. Lots to digest and process; finding my husband 25 pounds lighter, trying to establish a healthful and well nutrified plan for his eating many SMALL meals in the course of a day. As the doctor says, "you will need to be a grazer, just like we were all meant to be". Lovely friends have been bringing by heartfelt, well cooked meals that I am divyying up and freezing in 'Michael size' portions.

He is rid of all but one external apparatus and is coming along so nicely, albeit TIRED, TIRED, TIRED. The doctor says he is rid of cancer and doesn't recommend any further chemo or radiation, truly a miracle! Huge thanks go out to you all for your healing thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I believe in the power of 'many' now more than ever.

The first picture is of the remains of the bees in our yard after a bear came through and had 'his way' with the hives, the next two pics are of the incredible Building Museum which housed my booth at the Smithsonian Craft Show this last weekend and the last is a picture from outside my studio looking in at the incredible glass window that my friend Ruth made.

I count myself so fortunate for having so many generous friends, for the ability to observe another spring come around and for the emerging daffodils.