Monday, February 25, 2013

Almost three months later... no breaking news other than the reinforcement that "Being here now" is the best route for wonderful surprises and a way to love what is in front of you.

My second thumb joint replacement is healing so well, having the non dominant hand done has been a piece of cake in comparison to three years ago when I had my right thumb done. Just to say it again, if you have arthritis in your basal thumb joint, it CAN be fixed and has made a huge difference in my life and outlook, I am happy to report.

This trip, which started on January 12 and will go on until March 20, has been excitingly diversified. Included have been stops (and began) in Albuquerque, then proceeded to Pasadena, CA, back to ABQ, up to Reno, back to ABQ, drove to Tucson, then to San Diego, onto Palm Springs, Monterey and here in Sacramento for a brief visit in a hotel with my sister Nancy to head to Sebastopol, CA, where I will rest for a few days to end  in the Bay area to participate in The Bead and Design Show  at the Concord Hilton in Concord, CA.... I might not be on the 'exhibitor' list as I signed up late but the show goes on March 1-3 and I would love to see many of you Bay Area buddies there!

My stops have been playfully mixed with business and pleasure, luxurious time with loved ones along the way has been the sweetest part! I rarely take any extra time for myself to just 'be'. The fact that I left for this journey with a vague timeframe in place, knowing I wouldn't be scurrying home between commitments to get a few days of work done, has freed me up to be open to what is in front of me. Somehow a balance needs to pursued, I love letting situations unfold but rarely am I in a frame of mind to celebrate this unfolding. * Note to self.

My spare time has been spent on many and various Pod Hunts, results to be revealed, but I am absolutely excited to get back home and start on a new series of work. In the meantime I will gather samples and soak up the love that is so abundant in my family of friends encountered along the way.

My final professional event will be teaching 4 classes at Beadfest Santa Fe, there are still spots in most  of these classes. I would love to share what I am doing!