Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After, letting the tides take me...

The colors of this sea anemone are incredible. I am just giving in to the feeling of letting the day take me where it leads......hope you can, too.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lets Give Thanks.....

My own version of "Cornucopia".

With thanks for all of the good...and the bad....and all the in-between. It is all necessary, to realize that the pendulum just keeps on swinging!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Victory, Yes!!!!! Lots new on the horizon.

In the mean time......we have an awesome new president!

My trip to California was lovely. I had an absolutely sweet time, great classes, good times spent with new and old friends, I laughed until I wet my pants. The show was good, given what we've all got on our plate. This was directly followed by flying into Philadelphia where I just had time to do my laundry and meet up with my husband who brought 'the big booth' from Massachusetts and we proceeded to set up for the always lovely Philadelphia Museum Show. In these times of financial insecurity it really felt like we all have this group knowledge and people were doing what they could to support each other. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you!

In the midst of gearing up for my departure, election day to be precise, my Mac Powerbook, gave a last gasp and went black. Conspiracy theories danced in my head. Thankfully it was only MY computer that died. I now have a new computer, have put most of the pieces back together from a few weeks gone, and am entering my first post on this new computer!

The four images chosen to start this post off are indicative of the inspiration I've been perusing with Karen Flowers. We are going to enter 4 necklaces in the upcoming ISGB competition, "Convergence", Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Some good ideas are rolling around.

Collaboration in my world is at an all time high. I just love what happens when more than one mind is put to the task. A richness results that wasn't dreamed of singlehandedly.

early February I will go out to Tucson to be a part of The Whole Bead Show and be a part of two one day workshops at the home and studio of Anne Mitchell. While in California I asked Anne to join me in one of my classes to do a guest appearance, to demo rivets and show ways of cold connecting the vintage findings that we were working with. She agreed and everybody had a fine time and learned lots. A new class was born! Come join us, with two choices on either side of the Whole Bead Show , hopefully some of you can attend!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

May we have a taste...of Victory that is!

Who will be out celebrating this week???? Come on over to the Civic Center Marriott in Oakland this coming weekend to the ever wonderful B.A.B.E. show. I will be there, teaching Thursday and Friday (come and take a class!) and exhibiting Saturday and Sunday. Then I fly into Philadelphia on Monday and set up for the The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show (what a mouthful!) This show is always so beautiful. The Women's Committee do such a beautiful job of making it lovely, importing all kinds of foliage and flowers and such.