Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just checking.... see if blogger can upload images...and post words at the same time.
It appears to be in synch today.

I send well wishes to you in hopes for a warm and fulfilling time to be experienced by all.

Another day before me with which to experiment, and savor the time spent in the studio.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, what is up with blogger? It won't let me import pictures and won't let me post verbage with pictures? It has co-mingled my post from last week with this week. sheesh.

Suffice it to say that I tried, these 3 pictures are what have had me thoroughly enjoying myself, reveling in the contrast between matte black, and high chroma. The 'glowing lotus' will house my fathers 'ash capsules'. The candlesticks to light my way.

Life IS good.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So I was grounded. My trip to Japan did not happen, tooth trouble kept me close to home. It is now a couple of weeks later, all is well in toothland (and otherwise).

I am reveling in new found time. I made a decision to postpone my thumb surgery after my acceptance into the Smithsonian Craft Show, which occurs in April, and would have left me only a month of production time had I gone through with plans. So, I am giddy with the options in front of me, time to explore, to work up so many new ideas. Basically I have been given two months, months that I had set aside to recover. My next 'gig' is Tucson, early February. Until then I am in the studio!

I have been feeling so connected to my world and grateful for the many wonderful people, places and things that are in it. Maybe that is a luxury that people that work in a deliberate way consider. Instead of my usual 'which fire do I stomp out first' response that I am usually caught up in, I can take some time to evaluate. Ahh, the gift of time, and the luxury of choice.

Pictures as promised, Amsterdam mostly, Rembrandt's home, watched a transaction go down in the Red Light district, chilly birds on bicycles, David Bowie in a gallery, boat photo taken in the sweetest thatched village in Sletten, Denmark. Such a wonderful trip, I am still savoring the experience.